Between Two Waves

I'm a graduate student interested in causality, data science, and psychology.
This is a blog about variables observed out in the world, written when I'm out of the lab.

National Park Trails (6/26/2018)

I'm always planning National Park visits based on the trails I want to hike. I scraped trail data from to get a statistical picture of the trails in eah park.

GE14: A Statistical Snapshot (5/15/2018)

Malaysia (my country of birth) had its 14th General Election on May 9, 2018. The outcome was surprising. I try to gain a picture of what happened.

The World (Is Going Up In Flames) (2/11/2018)

Exploring data of historical conflict across the world (post-WW2).

Fantasy Football Season in Review (2017-2018) (12/10/2017)

I tried my hand at Fantasy Football this year. I took a look at data from my league to figure out what went wrong. Better luck next year.

National Park Visits (06/30/2017)

Analysis of National Parks visitation data to figure out which parks are the most/least crowded.

Presidential Clusters (04/03/2017)

Analysis of data from the C-Span Presidential Historians 2017 Survey, identifying profiles of different clusters of presidents.

National Battleground: the 2016 Election (02/17/2017)

An interactive visualization of 2016 election data and a guessing game to figure out what predicts county-level support for the candidates.

How Wrong Were the Polls? (12/11/2016)

Most were surprised by the results of the 2016 Presidential election. The polls suggested a comfortable Clinton win — how wrong did they get the outcome?

Predictably Comforting: The Writings of Soo Ewe Jin (11/22/2016)

My father passed away on November 17, 2016. He wrote for Malaysia's largest English newspaper. This is a text analysis of his writings.